What is Ethereum and how does it differ from Bitcoins

There is an arms race in the world of crypto currencies and ethereum has become the rising star in the crypto currency world.  Many finance professional call 2018 is an Ethereum year. In Fang Albert post, he reveals some interesting information about crypto currencies and how ethereum is rapidly filling up different crypto currencies. Ethereum like the bitcoins has been trending in the market cap in the recent years and it is the second largest crypto currency in the world. It has boomed to this level in just a period of two years.

How is Ethereum Different from Bitcoins?

There are hundreds and thousands of crypto currencies available in the market now and the investors are often confused when it comes to investing. Out of the few major cryptos, the two most prominent crypto currencies are bitcoins and ethereum. Fang Albert reveals that 2018 is a year of ethereum because their transactions are growing in a wider pace and it processes more transactions every day. However bitcoins and ethereum differ from each other.

Bitcoins can be considered as a big daddy. The invention of bitcoin is not yet clear whether it is by a person or a group of people. The major purpose of invention of bitcoins is to replace the virtual money typically dollars. For example if you have invested around 1000 dollars in the year 2013, now the value have rose to 2.5 million dollars, such a huge rise. However the transactions with bitcoins were not easier. So people were looking for some changes hence ethereum came as an alternate to bitcoins. The transactions with ethereum were much easier and faster.


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