Top 4 suitable jobs for felons

Om\ne must know and acknowledge that not all employment opportunities can be suitable for felons or felon-friendly and this is completely dependent on the employer and also the rules laid by the government. Mentioned below are the top 5 suitable jobs for felons which can give them a second chance to live their life happily according to

  • Computer Network Specialist

Since computer is one of the booming technologies there are a lot of companies who would be keen on offering jobs to those who are interested to work with them on part time or even full time for lesser wages. Initially, it can seem a little ridiculous but, in order to create an opportunity for you it is good to explore this field as per

  • Web Designer

Working as a freelance web designer from can also help you make quite a bit of money. There are a lot of courses that are available which can help you to become a good web designer. You can always go through them and get yourself to become a good web designer.

  • Knitter

This can be done by anybody provided you have flair for art and crafts because knitting is always on demand and you could also use it as a stress buster because this has got something to do with the rewiring of your brain. This can also relive you from all the traumas which you would have experienced in the past.

  • Travel guide

Some people may have extensive knowledge in tours and travels and in case if you want to relive your life again, this is one of the best jobs that you can start doing. Every place you go to along with a group of people will give you a whole new dimension towards life.

These are some of the jobs which a felon can do without any hesitation.