The Success Story of Moti ferder

Want to know about a master craftsman and also a jewelry expert, his name is Moti Ferder. He has been immersed in the whole business of the industry dealing with diamonds from a very young age. The diamond business established by his family was in Antwerp, Belgium in the year 1965. This provided Moti Ferder with an extensive gemological training that allowed him to develop skills as a diamond cutter. Ferder has been known to have insight into the jewelry and diamond industry. The knowledge that he possesses has known to be contributing to the success that he has achieved over the years. He has established Lugano diamonds which is considered to be one of the best jewelers all over the world.

Moti Ferder: The Diamond merchant

Under the leadership of Moti Ferder, Lugano diamond is known to open its grand salon and also its headquarters in New Port Beach, California in the year 2005. In all these years Ferder has been known to build a sales team which is talented enough to personally manage all the various aspects of the company’s business.

A second location was opened in California in the year 2013 due to the success of grand salon which is called Montage Laguna Beach. This is considered to be an equestrian salon. It is situated on the east coast. The newest grand salon has been known to open in the city of Colorado, the centre being Aspen.

Moti Ferder has been known to act as the design director of his company which acts as the creative force behind the Lugano’s spectacular pieces. His jewelry design has been known to earn him a lot of recognition from various luxury publications all over the world.