Management helps the organization to function

Management may be defined as the mobilization of an organisation’s resources to achieve the organizational goals effectively and efficiently. The factors and resources that are used in the process are known as four M’s of management, that happen to be machinery, manpower, material and methodology. All these resources help a management system and ultimately organization to gain a firm hand over the process to achieve the organizational goals, that are directly related to the successful succession of the organization. Management performs all the tasks necessary for the success of the organization and includes all the decision making functions as well as instructions to the workers to perform in the same direction.


ThE top level management takes care of all policy formulation and decision making processes, where the goals and targets of the organization are set. The middle level management is responsible for taking the orders from the top level management, and performing tasks based on the instructions received.

Similarly, when the administrative officer who happens to be working at the top level management passes orders to the administrative clerk in the school to maintain the records of all the students studying in the college, the clerk has two choices at his disposal. Either he would try to pick up the OEM an paper and maintain the records by hand, or he would log in to to get the records books ready, and just fill up the necessary details of the students. The latter option seems to be more viable and useful for the time factor and the cost factor are low as compared to the former one . At ready made solutions to the tasks of record keeping are found and no toil is made by the clerk and hence is used to perform the tasks based on the instructions given by the top level management.