How Do Polygraph Tests Work To Identify The Truth?

A popular saying reads “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom”. However, if every individual is honest, where is the need for the Police Department? You might have heard about lie detectors used during police investigations. At least, you might have seen many films with such a scene. In some instances, an individual applying for a job will have to take up a lie detection test. Examples include jobs in CIA or FBI. The purpose of such a test is to know whether a person is telling the truth. If he is lying, examiners can easily identify the same with the help of the polygraph machine.

What to expect during a polygraph test?

Let us consider that a person takes this test to prove himself. Nearly 4-6 sensors will be attached to his body. Then, examiners or liedetectors-uk will use the polygraph machine. Signals from the sensors attached to his body are recorded. It happens in a strip of moving paper called a graph.

What does the polygraph machine records during the test?

Most machines used by experienced examiners will record:

  • The Blood Pressure of the person
  • His pulse rate
  • His breathing rate and
  • His perspiration.

When a person deceives, there will be an increase in the blood pressure. Even, other things like pulse rate, perspiration, and breathing rate will increase. With the help of these signals and with their experience, examiners identify the trustworthiness of the person.

How to get the test done?

Thanks to companies like with the best and experienced examiners. In addition to having the best expert examiners, such a service will rightly guide. Even, with such a service an employer can get a pre-employment test done. Such a test will help the employer in assuring that only honest people get into the organisation.