Facts about the paywall feature and its application in

The has been made paywalled for its users since the month of February of the year 2018. This feature will restrict a reader from accessing some special or additional section of the online magazine. The users have to make some amount of payment or apply for some paid subscription and only then will be given the option to access those contents. This feature is being used by a maximum number of websites and users pay to get the specific service. The paywall is increasingly used by news websites as they are earning revenues by using this feature. The paywall of the wired shopper allows a reader to access a maximum of only 5 articles in a month for no cost. Above this count the reader has to make a payment to access any additional thing. There is an array of different updates present in all the tech categories.

The categories of people require for content writing

The wired shopper are accepting content, data and other information on these following categories

  • News
  • Tips and guides
  • Tech designs
  • Tech innovations
  • Latest updates and developments

Publishing content on the wired shopper website

The is very particular about the contents they publish thus when a writer submits his or her written content they are reviewed by special teams who are experts and knowledgeable. These members are hired and an internal team has been formed by the wired shopper to inspect all the contents very closely so there is no issue left after publishing. The aim of delivering the best quality material to the readers so that they find it attractive and returns every time they are in need of any information. The team of experts goes through each article before approving them and an article is published only after their approval and consent.