Difference between UX and UI

User Interface at the most basic level is basically a series of pages, screens along with visual elements like icons and buttons. These icon/ buttons are basically used to interact with any device. User Experience/ UX, on the other hand,is basically the internal experience that one has as they are interacting with different aspects of the company’s services and products. To know more simply contact Wayfx.

This, however, is not a comprehensive explanation. In this article, we are going to be looking into the differences that exist between UI and UX. We will also be digging deeper into the details of UX and UI.

Difference between UX and UI:

Some of the major differences that exist between UX and UI include:


  • UX is focused more the user’s journey to solve problems, UI is focused on how the product surface functions and looks: The UX is basically designed to focus on anything that is going to be affecting the journey of the user in solving that problem whether it be negative or positive. This is applicable both off and on screen. The UI design, on the other hand, is simply focused on how the product surface actually looks along with its functions.
  • UI designers are focused on tangible elements while UX designer is focused onthe conceptual aspect of the design process: The UI designers are basically dealing with the tangible elements/aspects. On the other hand, the UX designers actually are more focused towards the conceptual part of the same. This is exactly where their roles actually differ.
  • UX is about the complete experience while UI is about visual design and information: This factor is true. The UX is more of an overall experience. The UI, on the other hand, is a little bit constricted in this regard. They deal more with information and visual design. For more information, one can visit

Both of these elements even though important for the website are actually different from each other in certain aspects.