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The Success Story of Moti ferder

Want to know about a master craftsman and also a jewelry expert, his name is Moti Ferder. He has been immersed in the whole business of the industry dealing with diamonds from a very young age. The diamond business established by his family was in Antwerp, Belgium in the year 1965. This provided Moti Ferder with an extensive gemological training that allowed him to develop skills as a diamond cutter. Ferder has been known to have insight into the jewelry and diamond industry. The knowledge that he possesses has known to be contributing to the success that he has achieved over the years. He has established Lugano diamonds which is considered to be one of the best jewelers all over the world.

Moti Ferder: The Diamond merchant

Under the leadership of Moti Ferder, Lugano diamond is known to open its grand salon and also its headquarters in New Port Beach, California in the year 2005. In all these years Ferder has been known to build a sales team which is talented enough to personally manage all the various aspects of the company’s business.

A second location was opened in California in the year 2013 due to the success of grand salon which is called Montage Laguna Beach. This is considered to be an equestrian salon. It is situated on the east coast. The newest grand salon has been known to open in the city of Colorado, the centre being Aspen.

Moti Ferder has been known to act as the design director of his company which acts as the creative force behind the Lugano’s spectacular pieces. His jewelry design has been known to earn him a lot of recognition from various luxury publications all over the world.

Ameliorating the Surroundings with the Personalized Touch and Creative Contrivance

The systematic household is the very basic requirement of present generation people who lead a busy schedule with several responsibilities. The requirement turns into the necessity when the maximum space is available in the house. But due to poor management, the house turns into clutter. To avoid such situations the expert designers’ advice is needful to get completely clutter-free and neat surroundings. Every household has variable needs which vary with every individual. The bathroom remodeling Mount Pleasant SC deals with many such areas which undergo mess and need proper arrangement and beauty. The single company here deals with several household issues including flooring and other beautifying ideas.

About bathroom remodeling mount pleasant SC:

The bathroom is an essential corner of the house. This space needs a beautiful and silent feel including proper accessories and hygienic practices. The Mount Pleasant companies have many options for remodelling the bathroom with desirable designs and elegant accessories. The website of the companies has several designs in the frugal budget. The flooring and tiling work can look after for new change and feel. The additional accessories can give the modern touch to the bathroom and stylish feel. The bathroom and hardwood flooring mount pleasant sc offer many options such as solid wood, LVC, granite etc. The customer can also visit the flooring and accessory showroom to choose the right item for their area. The team of the designers offer many new ideas to get the surpassing surroundings.

Process to contact and offers:

There is a very convenient method to contact the companies in Mount Pleasant. The website portals of the companies have their sample designs, contact numbers and address too. The customer can visit the website to check various services like kitchen remodeling Mount Pleasant SC which the company offers. The budget of the area depends on the measurement, requirement of the customer and design approval by the customer. The household looks elegant when it has the proper arrangement and desirable feel.

Know How to Keep Cigar Fresh For a Long Time


What generally people do when they enjoy cigar? The first thing that they do is keeping cigar in a box. The number of cigars may be five or six. This is because they just think about the diminishing of actual features like fresh or flavor property. Is there any way to keep more cigars along with the suitable freshness and flavor for a long time? Yes, the answer is humidor and anyone can easily understand it through

What is the best humidor?

Keeping cigar for a long time with complete freshness is possible only when the user keep it inside a humidor. The best humidor is one that is completely reliable and exact according to the need. The most accurate size can easily available for the user no matter small or large. There are various materials used, but anyone can purchase the box of his choice and budget.

It is essential to know that the best humidor prevents the cigars from any external or internal effect. So, the heat, weather and any unconditional situation cannot affect the cigar in any way.

What are the reasons that humidor is acceptable by the people in the world?

  • It is completely acceptable that cigar gives a nice feel when it is fresh. However, after a long time the flavor does not remain same. This is the prime reason that a perfect container is important to keep cigars perfect even after a long time.
  • Humidor does the same thing and maintains a suitable condition inside it. Either the environment outside is wet or completely dry, but this keeps cigars inside the box in a suitable way.
  • The materials used are completely suitable to give an appropriate surrounding.

To know more details about this you can easily click on Now, it is completely safe and perfect for your need.



Reasons behind hair loss and recovery from the problem

The society has grown the habit of noticing one’s outer beauty especially the hair when a person meets another friends, family or colleague or any other unknown person. Hair tends to represent one’s personality and style sense. Taking good care of hair is important especially with increasing age.

There was a shift in the perception about old age in the twentieth century. Grooming became a necessity for older women where managing hair appropriately increased to avoid all perception that could lead to negativities; however, this was natural and resulted from aging. Aging in most cases is the main factor behind losing hair and women who menopauses faces this problem the even more. The person who is losing hair tends to grow low self-esteem but beechooladies has well-planned strategies and techniques to stop hair fall or if not completely paused at once then at least reduce it gradually.


Maximum female faces female pattern hair loss and male experiences male pattern baldness. One can learn more about the treatment techniques and the factors causing hair loss from facts available online and on sites like

Alopecia totalis is the term used for complete baldness. This term causes distress and displeasure in many people’s mind and life. There are medicines and treatments available which can solve this issue when consumed or treated on a regular basis or as prescribed by the doctor and therapist.

The main reason behind hair fall is the damage caused to the hair follicles hence if these follicles are treated and recovered then regrowth of hair is possible. One who is going through the hair loss problem must maintain a proper diet which will contain nutrients and protein. Staying healthy also helps in hair regrowth. Deficiency and an unhealthy diet can also lead to hair loss. Thus one can visit beechooladies and get their hair loss problems solved in no time.

How Does Your Facebook Page Help Your Business?

If you have an online business then in order to promote it you must have a Facebook page. With the help of a social media platform like Facebook, you can easily reach out to your potential customers and thus, help your business grow. You can increase the reach of your Facebook page by using the Shareyt site which is meant to promote social media pages. is one of the best social media promoting site out there which you can use in order to benefit your business. If you are interested to know that how having a Facebook page could help your business then you should definitely give this article a read.


How can Facebook page help your business?

Facebook is one of the best platforms for promoting your online business and hence it can be beneficial to you in a lot of ways. Let’s learn how.

  1. When you have a Facebook page you are open to receive Facebook reviews on your page from your customers. Customers can give you both positive and negative reviews based on which you can improve or introduce new products and services to satisfy the needs of your customers.
  2. The second advantage of having a Facebook page is that you can engage with your audience. There are various types of the audience out there and therefore, it is important that you interact with them so that you get to know their likes, dislikes, interests etc.
  3. With the help of Facebook, you also get the option of ad placement. You can place ads in the right column within the news feed but, make sure that you link your Facebook page with your ad.

There are many other ways in which Facebook could help your business grow but these are the main points.

Easiest Way to Find Information about Online Products

Now days, we can get all the information about anything just via internet. Now the question is how we can gather some knowledge on a specific topic? Well nowadays it’s not so difficult anymore.  We can find all kinds of information throughout the help of websites. Not only that we can purchase any products via the online apps or websites. There are many kinds of websites which giving the facilities of online shopping.

What is the website?

Website is the key of search. We can find some specific information of a business organization via their official website. Not only that when it comes to the shopping related purpose, we can also take the help of websites. There are many kinds of online websites which can give us detailing of the products, such as www.Guatemala-times.comIt is basically a website with the description of best kind of products.

What are the privileges of online apps or websites?

  • Can know every detail of the products
  • Can purchase any kind of product from our own place
  • reasonable price and good quality products

guatemala - times

Products of the online websites

We can get many kinds of product through the online shopping websites. In Guatemala-times we can know about many kinds of online products with a suitable price. Not only that we can purchase the product also, if the product is worth to buy.

Product list

  • Tire protectors for cars
  • Best body Supplement
  • Best hand blenders
  • Best skin products
  • Variety of books, such as-cookbook, gossip book, tourism book etc
  • Diaper Wipe for babies
  • Cycle Repair kit
  • Many kinds of Travel Toy
  • Kitchen Appliances like salad Chopper, hand blenders, glasses and some other staffs.


How to get access in online shopping apps?

If you want to purchase something from online then you need to visit on their official websites. Online Shopping websites like have their own link. We can use these kinds of link to visit the official websites.